Patent Title: Prothesis for Temporomandibular Joint

Inventors: Zekeriya TOSUN, Irfan KAYMAZ,

Cem SEVER, Osman AKDAG, Muhammed Nebil SELIMOGLU, Halil Ibrahim IMIROGLU

Patent Date: 28.01.22016

Patent Number:WO2016014006A1

Patent Title: Functionally Graded Porous Fixation Plate 

Inventors:Fahri Murat, İrfan Kaymaz, İsmail Hakkı Korkmaz

Application Date:09.10.2020

Application Number: 2020/16129

Patent Title:Anatomical Femur Bone Cutting Device and Cutting Method, 

Inventors: Halim Kovacı, İrfan Kaymaz, İsmail Hakkı Korkmaz, Ömer Selim Yıldırım

Application Date: 23.05.2016

Application Number: 2016/06812

The invention relates to an anatomical femoral cutting device and method that includes a cutting guide element that performs the cutting operation according to the curves obtained from the cross-sectional views of the right and left condyles of the femur bone, a peg guide element made of polyethylene material, which guides the opening of the fixation holes from the points it indicates, and fixation holes that are created by the peg guide element and are used to fix the anatomical femoral cutting device to the femur bone with fixation nails that pass through it. The anatomical femoral cutting device also includes fixation nails that secure the device to the femur bone and is related to the method of cutting the anatomical femur bone.