Biomechanics Research Group

Our Mission

As a dedicated team specializing in biomechanics research, our mission is to conduct transformative studies that have the potential to enhance people's well-being and elevate their quality of life. Our expertise lies in undertaking multidisciplinary research that bridges the fields of orthopedics, maxillofacial surgery, and orthodontics.

Our research scope entails modeling varied treatment methods utilizing conventional implants, executing numerical analyses, manufacturing prototypes, and conducting meticulous mechanical testing.

Moving into the frontier of patient-centered care, we also focus on creating bespoke implant designs. We leverage numerical methods to ascertain the impacts of these specialized implants on human anatomy. Utilizing cutting-edge additive manufacturing techniques, our group also spearheads the production of prototypes and the implementation of mechanical tests.

Recognizing the breakthroughs offered by additive manufacturing technologies, we harness their capability to craft intricate geometric designs. This allows us to produce implant designs that align seamlessly with a patient's unique anatomical structure.

With this in mind, our group's research also encompasses topology optimization, Reliability-Based Topology Optimization (RBTO), and fine-tuning the parameters of the additive manufacturing process for optimal results. Moreover, we're proficient in conducting advanced finite element analyses. In essence, we strive to merge innovation and practicality in our approach to biomechanics research.


 Topology Optimization

Patient-Specific Implant Design

Additive Manufacturing Parameter Optimization

Probabilistic-Based Topology Optimization

Porous Implant Design and Production

Biocompatible Surface  & Material Technologies

Design for Additive Manufacturing

Biomaterials Manufacturing and Biomechanics